Move over Jillian.....there's a new trainer in town!!

Posted: Friday, July 2, 2010 by Kelli Barrett in

For the past three years I have waged a war against my own unhealthy, sedentary, overweight life! I am happy to report that I am definitely winning this war! In the midst of the sweat and tears I have discovered my true passion in life.

Fitness isn't just a hobby or a way to keep my body healthy - it is my life (aside from my family, of course). Along my fitness journey I have pushed myself to extremes that I never thought possible, I have met incredible life-long friends, I have ignited a fire that will burn in me forever.

It is my ultimate goal to touch as many lives as I can through my fitness endeavors. I am BLESSED every single day to get up and do what I love to do. Over 200 people each week attend my fitness classes - WOW, I never added up the numbers before - 200 people a week look to me to lead them through a 60 minute (sometimes 90 minute ;) exercise class. I love that they like my classes and that they trust their precious time to ME! We are all so busy - it means a lot to me that these loyal people give up an hour of their day to spend with me working out and getting healthy.

I recently became certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Certified Personal Trainer. This is going to allow me to get up close and personal with my clients - to have an opportunity to be a pivotal part in them getting healthy and changing their lives.

Are you overweight? Do you feel like you may never be able to get the weight off? Have you tried every diet out there? Are you sick and tired of feeling this way? I was too! I have been there - I understand the plight and the feelings! Because I have "been there, done that" I bring something different to you.

I will definitely be a no-nonsense trainer!! I will push you and all your buttons! I will get inside your head! I will work right beside you to ensure that you reach the goal that you set. I will fight for you! I will invest in you as you will in me!
I will understand you! I will love you! I will HELP you succeed!

A HEALTHY, HAPPY life is a decision away! Invest in YOU for once! Call or email me -