Relax! Don't Do It!

Posted: Monday, May 17, 2010 by Kelli Barrett in

Don't Do It!!! Don't swurve off the road at the nearest bend! Don't drop the ball steps from the goal! Don't choke under the pressure! Just DON'T!

"But...I'm on vacation". "But...It's my brother's birthday". "But...I have already lost weight". BUT....BUT...BUT....

How many times have you excused your way out of sticking to your eating plan? It is classic! You work hard, lose some weight, you are feeling great - then BAM! those little voices in your head start to dream up 1001 reason why it is OK to stray from your plan. Why?????

SO much of our daily lives center around food - let's talk about that for a sec. Holidays, Family BBQ's, Dinner with Friends, Birthdays, Anniversarys, Promotions, Baptisms, Kids got a good report card, Jimmy made the football team, the garbage truck came today (LOL!) - but isn't that the truth. It seems like no matter the occasion the celebratory response is "LET'S GO EAT!"

How the hell can we possibly stick to our "diets" when every second we turn around there is a GOOD reason not to?

Here's where you HEAD really comes in - DECIDE to eat healthy! DECIDE to balance! DECIDE that there will be no more EXCUSES! DECIDE to put good quality, nutritious food into your mouth!


Here are a few pieces of advice that I can offer:

Be Prepared -

  • Before you leave for your vacation get online and find out which restaurants are in the area where you will be. Most large chains offer the nutritional information on their website. If you know, then you can make a smart choice.
  • Going out to celebrate tonight? BALANCE your day!! Eat clean and light for breakfast and lunch - have something a little more decadent for dinner if you want.
  • On the road? Pack a small cooler with fruit, veggies, nuts, water, etc - so much better than the drive thru!!

Be Strong -

  • It is OK for you to sit at the table with your friends and family while they eat pasta and bread, or pizza and wings, and you don't. Your decision to eat smart and healthy has NOTHING to do with them! This is about YOU!
  • Remember that you are working toward something better for yourself. It about the decision to be healthy (not just skinny).
  • DO NOT make excuses for eating right. Look them in the face and say "No Thanks" to the unhealthy stuff. If asked about what you are doing - just tell them that you are eating right and getting healthy!

Be OK -

  • Be OK if you eat something that isn't on your plan - if you beat yourself up over one food choice, I guarantee there will be another bad choice around the corner.
  • Be OK if you get unsolicited advice or criticism from your friends and family - remember this is NOT about THEM!
  • Be OK and KNOW that your journey to health is about your LIFE and making it the best that it can be.
This week I am out of town visiting my sister and the new baby then later will be at the NASM workshop. So I am practicing what I preach this week. I drove in from Houston with the cooler packed with all my healthy essentials and we stopped at the grocery store to load the fridge with nutritious food. This visit is about spending time with my sister and enjoying the new baby girl - NOT about FOOD!


  1. Viv says:

    I am trying Kell, let something testing like what this week has brought and I want to dive into a margarita and a bowl of chips. I don't want to give up completely but that is what I am feeling today.