Weight Wars

Posted: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 by Kelli Barrett in

The battle to reach my ideal body weight has been going on for as long as I can remember. Even after a 70 pound weight loss I am still not at my ideal body weight. For the past three years I really changed the way that I ate - I was very successful eating on the "low carb" plan. Any time I picked up a food and read the label - my eyes instantaneously went to the Carbohydrate line - always overlooking the Fat and Calories line. In my world, fat and calories didn't matter as long as the carbohydrate content was low - it was a "good" food. I lost weight consistently for about 18 months then maintained my weight at a steady 165 or so for the remaining 18 months. On a good week, I'd weigh in at 160 only to step on the scale two days later and have it read 165 again. Isn't it frustrating how your weight fluctuates 2-4lbs in a matter of a couple days.

What is even more frustrating when I'd have a great great week in the gym and expect to have dropped a couple REAL pounds only to step on the scale to see a higher number.
My advice: GET RID OF YOUR SCALE!!! or at least hide the damn thing under the bed so you don't have to look at it or be compelled to step on it every single day!! I try very very hard to stick to weighing only once every two weeks - but I admit, when I "feel thinner" I can't help but to step up and check on my progress. If you weigh too much you will inevitably get frustrated. It is really just a number - so take a step off the scale for a while - and see what happens.

Anyone who knows me would attest to the fact that I eat "well" - BUT what I have learned over the past 2 months is that eating "well" isn't good enough sometimes. If a gym member or client needed help with nutrition, I was ready, willing and able to give them some good sound advice. But, in my own fat loss battle, I was stuck - stuck at a spot where I really didn't know what to do. I was eating good, supplementing well, and exercising my ass off. WTF??????

Monica is my friend from LA Fitness - she rode my classes every week. She rides hard! She is lean and mean! LOL! Lucky for me she is also a very successful published nutritionist.

Check out her blog at www.babyfatdiet.com/blog

She and I have been working together now for 8 weeks and I love her no-nonsense approach to nutritional wellness. I have dropped almost 12 more pounds (17 to go) and feel healthier and stronger than ever. I am confident that I will finally reach my goal weight with this plan and Monica's expertise. The biggest lesson that I have learned from her so far is that I was eating too much good food. Carbohydrates are VITAL to my performance in the gym and fat and calories matter more than ever!! I learned to read labels the right way - taking into account the overall nutritional content of the food. Even though I am working out religiously and seriously - she taught me that I didn't need as many calories as I was consuming. I could get lean and mean (just like her) if I would "clean up" my eating and aim for high nutritional value with every bite. The bottom line is you have to expend more calories than you consume. Now......I am consuming less calories (but far better quality food) and seeing the scale move.
Keep track of your calories at http://www.blogger.com/www.myfitnesspal.com

You don't have to see a nutritionist to get it right - eat whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, lowfat or nonfat dairy, whole grain breads and pasta, and even a little chocolate. Find the plan that works for your lifestyle and work it! That's all it takes - a commitment to good quality eating.

Keep watching my blog for yummy recipes, tips on how to make sensible choices with food, and fun workouts.

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  1. Viv says:

    <-------scale slave
    It is working for you, I checked you out on the way to the salad bar. Thanks for requesting the skinny girl pizza a healthy way to hit the spot and feel good about not being bad.

  1. Kelli says:

    I felt pretty satisfied after our lunch today - didn't leave feeling deprived at all. You?

  1. Viv says:

    OK I did not see your respond I actually just happen to be surfing through your site. So just an fyi there is no way to know you have responded to a comment with this template.

    But yea lunch was perfect! I felt good about it and not that heavy feeling in my gut